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I sparkled for A GIRL!
7 October 1987
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Chaska High School - Chaska MN (2003 - 2006)
Gustavus Adolphus College - St. Peter MN (2006 present)
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"are-you-there-god?-it's-me-patrick", 80's music, adam lambert, american idol, amy army, anime, ap magazines, being-the-paris-hilton-to-mike's-nicole-richie, bounce bounce bounce, brittany is amazing okay?, club-wentz-party-for-one, coach, collecting posters, cupcakes, cutting-wrists-and-blacking-eyes, dane cook, depression danny, el em eh oh, emo oranges, fall out boy, feminist philosophy, glbt, glitter, glowing period icons, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, guilt commenting, harry potter, hellogoodbye, how-are-you!!!!!!!!!!1i'm-fine-thanks!!!!!11, huge-bags-with-swarovski-crystal-lined-dog-windows, internetz, jackass boys, jake gyllenhaal, johnny knoxville, kradam, kris allen, kris' glittery top, lighten-up-its-just-fashion, lord of the rings, mall of america, motion city soundtrack, mullets, music, musicals, our little lamb, patrick stump, patrick's voice, photoshop, pimp my ride, pirates in general, pirates of the caribbean, project runway, r/hr, reading, reddish-hair-all-over, rent, running octopi, ryan dunn, santino, seeking proof, shaking like a leaf, shaking my groove thang, stalking's, starting my van, sugarcult, that's hot!/loves it, that-snakes-on-a-plane-thing, the hush sound, the matches, tilde-arm-motion, tim gunn on ice, too-many-boners-for-one-room, typing-in-caps, what-happened-to-andrae, wicked, women's studies
and so began a lifelong friendship with the art of keeping secrets.

My mood theme was made by strippedpink
batboy was here, 1/25/08 & 3/16/08

Emily is keeping secrets, got it under wraps.
She likes FOB (who has Patrick, who likes caps).
O'Malley is a cat, and Cody is a hound,
Pooh Bear is a feline, and makes a meow sound.
Emily lives in the midwest, in the Twin Cities, for real,
Chinese food has her heart, orange chicken is her favourite meal.
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